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My clients constantly remind to “keep it simple!” The law is complex. My job is to explain it to you in plain language via white glove personal services.

Long-Standing Relationships

Every relationship matters to me. I personally handle all legal matters. I free my clients up to operate their businesses by giving them peace of mind that someone they trust is handling their legal needs. I show my clients how a vast network of relationships can sometimes deliver the “informational intelligence” needed to give them an “edge” on their legal matters. Simply put, I pick up the phone when you call!

As a legal expert serving your “day-to-day” or “one-off” business or personal needs, I am expected to assume responsibility for having the answers whenever possible. However, honest jurisprudence is being able to admit that not having the answer is okay too. Being able to execute the professional responsibilities of analysis, comprehend facts, apply logic and sound rationale, and ultimately recommend a path of action that is most likely to attain client objectives to achieve an answer for clients is what I do. And I do that quite well!

That is not however all that my clients need, indeed, it is not even what they need most. Typically, they need an advisor, a counselor, and a close trusted friend and confidante – someone who is devoid of ambition, dispenses disinterested advice and who can tap into resources that others cannot. Having been taught at a very young age how to maintain and sustain long-term relationships, I pride myself on fulfilling this role and it is probably where my greatest value is delivered. This is also the area where the legal profession has veered away from using some of the essential skills required to do it well. In the bid to be ever more salesman-like over-emphasizing generating a “book of business,” there has been a tendency to downplay the importance of being a trusted confidante over the course of a longstanding relationship; a skill required to do the job well. This creates a dilemma for many lawyers in understanding where selling fits into the realm of professional advice. Thinking of me as a disinterested trusted advisor without any sales pressure for recommending unnecessary legal advice provides the clues as to how I fit together with your legal needs. I understand that my role is not only to try and persuade clients on which way is the right way forward but that my role also requires that I be ever mindful of who is in charge, and to know when it is time to accept the decision of the client.

Character and Resilience

To accomplish the PJG Legal mission of keeping legal matters simple by focusing on completing tasks with purpose, authenticity, empathy while maintaining and sustaining longstanding relationships, having strong character and values is of utmost importance. While we cannot always guarantee success, rest assured the process involved with each task is handled with class, grace and the “competence of grit” that I learned from my vast experiences and upbringing. I bounce back from disappointments and when needed think of “outside-the-box” ways to reach client objectives.

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